Day 7 - Maîche (Comté de Bourgogne) to Mars (Vivarais, Languedoc)

319 miles

I will be headed towards Toulouse today, but through the little roads. I will be meeting friends there tomorrow night, so I don't have to spend too much time on highways.

I cross the mountains of Jura, but then am faced with the prospect of cutting through Lyon.

There are highways galore, so I have the mistaken idea that I can breeze through -- big mistake. 20 miles from Lyon I am stuck in stop-and-go traffic on a six-lane highway .

And no matter which exit I take, I am in the same nightmare. And every time I get off the highway I end up in a dead end or in a loop that takes me back to my initial position . I takes me an hour to find my way out and go at a reasonable speed -- and I make sure that the road take me as far away from Lyon as possible.

When I reach the Ardèche region, it's getting late and cold and I'm ready for bed.

I rent a little caravan that isn't much more expensive than a tent site, so I get some heating for the night (what a spoiled Floridian I am).