Day 4 - Görlitz (Saxony) to Eichendorf (Bavaria)

Through Bohemia - 327 miles

I try calling Germany and the US on my phone but it doesn't allow me. Apparently I can only call France -- how annoying.

I cross the border to the Czech Republic (which involves crossing Poland for about 2 miles given the bizarre way the countries meet at that location) and hope to reach Prague soon. I am headed towards the US Consulate that hopefully will be able to help get travel documents so that I'm not stuck in Europe.

I stop in Prague where it is exceedingly hot (around 100 degrees), dry and sunny, just like it was last time I visited two years ago with my school friends. The US Consulate, not surprisingly, is only open three days a week for a couple of hours each, so I'm SOL at that point. And when I say it is closed, it is closed tighter than a frog's butt -- there is no entry to anything, no guard, no booth, no reception, no doorbell, nothing. If you are not there when the consular delegation decides to get out of bed, you can't see anybody.

Having called my brother in France, it appears that my passport was found in Görlitz. Excellent! I'm unfortunately three hours away from Görlitz now and I certainly don't want to packpedal on my vacation -- the passport will have to be shipped to Paris and I'll retrieve it there when I swing by.

Riding towards Bavaria through Bohemia, I take the little roads that are marked on the "special motorcyclist" ADAC map I have of the area. It feels like I'm riding through a postcard. The fields, the yards, the houses, everything is groomed to perfection.

I stay overnight in a guest house, an old converted brewery. The price is so low I'm wondering if the owner has checked the competition recently. Even the delicious dinner is budget priced. While I'm ordering dinner we lose power in the building because of an impressive thunderstorm, which means I'm going to eat a cold dinner tonight. It was getting windy when I stopped so it was wise not to camp that night. Besides, I really needed to recharge the camera's batteries. And that candle just makes the evening ever so romantic.