Day 3 - Gdynia (Poland) to Görlitz (Saxony, Germany)

Through a construction zone - 405 miles

Poland should have a giant billboard at every entry point of the country, stating "Poland is under construction - sorry for the inconvenience". There isn't a road that isn't being repaired, enlarged, redirected or enhanced. And there is no highway to speak of except for the one out of Danzig that doesn't take me where I want to.

I'm not too keen on staying in a place where I have to stay behind all the rejected cars and trucks from Germany and France (those that did not pass pollution tests) at 20 mph [please don't take offense, you could still read the name of the French business on the side of the trucks!], and where I can't communicate with anybody, so I make it to the German border around 4 pm. The countryside is lovely on both sides of the border, although the roads are definitely in better condition in Germany. I visit Görlitz which is an adorable city. I camp for the night in a place that isn't exactly luxurious. In fact, it's quite shabby.

I realize that I have lost my passport and I am not sure where I misplaced it. The last time I saw it was in the ship to Gdynia. I hope it has been found either in the ship or on the road in Poland that it will be returned to either Stena or a US embassy. I spend the evening with the campsite owner and his friends, drinking phenomenal quantities of beer like only the Saxons can. I have to tell them to stop bringing me more glasses as I don't want to ride with a hangover the following day.