Day 14 - Massa (Tuscany) to Moissy-Cramayel (Brie)

The Longest Day - 687 miles

I'm quite grateful the bike is fine. I think a direct hit at low speed allowed the impact to be evenly absorbed by the fork and suspension, and there is no suspicious vibration or leak of any kind at any speed or angle. I remember my last trip which saw my engine break a piston rod bearing -- I'm grateful that the bike still worked, but it certainly ruined the end of the vacation. This time, no such problem. I'll just pay for cosmetic replacements -- something I'll worry about later when I return the bike.

With that said, I'm bruised on the legs (and I don't remember how that even happened -- I don't even remember falling to the ground) and my ego/pride is seriously injured. It's time for me to go back to mum and dad (besides, they have my driver's license and passport by now). They are 700 miles away. So I spend most of the day on highway, for 11 hours, and get there before sun set.

There is a certain sense of disappointment as I breeze through the Alps, the tunnel under the Mont-Blanc, by Geneva and all the places that I wished I had enough time to see at a more leisurely pace. Of well -- now is not the time to complain. I've had a great time but I'm wrapping things up.