Day 10 - Saint Bres (Généralité de Montpellier, Languedoc, France) to Bastia (Corse)

Pont du Gard, Avignon, Saint-Tropez - 315 miles

Another lazy morning. I leave at noon after buying ferry tickets for Bastia (to see Corsica) and Civitavecchio (to see Rome). A French legend says that you cannot see Rome only once, you always see it twice -- I guess I will be back then!

I race to Avignon; which is not as impressive as I thought it would be -- gosh wasn't the pope supposed to have been yanked out of Rome to move there? It is not motorcycle-friendly one bit -- can't park, can't turn around, can't find your way anywhere...

I continue on small roads towards the south then take a little bit of highway to reach the St Tropez area. Big mistake that is -- St Tropez is simply a giant parking lot because it's the end of a long French weekend. I race back out and ride to Ramatuelle which is a superb area hosting lots of incredibly wealthy people.

At least they're not living on top of each other and the whole area is very well preserved (not to mention almost devoid of tourists).

I follow the coast to Toulon, through all the seaside resorts that are jam-packed during the summer. So this is where all my friends would spend their summers when I was a kid staying in Paris?

The French just can't keep a line . They cut you off even when you are boarding a ferry or talking to a customer service representative at a booth. Boarding is complete chaos -- apparently if you don't know where to go and when to go it's because you're an idiot. And the annoyed glare comes for free too.

Not having been able to secure a cabin, I inflate my mattress behind a row of seats and it's just like I'm in a tent! I sleep reasonably well there, until 7:00 when we dock and it's time to get back on the road.